The program is like a mini MBA, but only the best parts.

Todd Taber

Manager, Alcon

Success Story for Todd

Curtis has done an incredible job with the Institute for Biomedical Entrepreneurship (IBE). The program is like a mini MBA, but only the best parts. The lessons, connections, and experiences are fantastic. The speakers are some of the best story tellers with real world experience that I've had the pleasure of observing. I went in not knowing what to expect and left energized, ready to get to work. Additionally, the work he has done on the EurekaConnect Behavioral Dynamics (ECBD) program is remarkable. I typically approach personality tests with skepticism, but through Curt's lessons, explanations, and exercise demonstrations, I became convinced. The program is great for emphasizing strengths, explaining behavioral tendencies, and setting up a framework for correcting one's own bad habits. It's very helpful for figuring out why you do the things you do and why you might just "click" with some people and not others. It is a very helpful tool for understanding and improving interpersonal skills.

The IBE Difference

The IBE brings the specialized know-how and the funding required for translational development success.

The IBE is a lean operating company that uses disciplined processes, leverages existing resources (incubators, CROs), and taps into expert networks to work on many product opportunities in parallel, rather than trying to build one startup at a time.

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