It was a truly inspiring experience.

Jeffrey C. Silva

Chief Technology Officer , Adeptrix

Success Story for Jeffrey C.

January 9, 2023, Jeffrey C. was Curtis’ client
I am thankful for the time I spent with Curtis Sprouse and the entire IBE team while attending the Cambridge Entrepreneur Certificate Program in April 2022.

Curtis’ leadership in the IBE program was outstanding and his teaching style was thoroughly engaging and altruistic, leaving me on the edge of my seat for the entire week. It was an intensive five days, filled with an amazing selection of courses from industry experts to help one create a roadmap to commercialize their idea into a successful business. The list of instructors, professional advisors, industry experts and past graduates was impressive and were all genuinely motivated and passionate to share their knowledge and experience with the class. It was a truly inspiring experience.

One of the many valuable experiences of the IBE program included the analysis Curtis provided from the Eureka Connect Behavioral Dynamics (ECBD) survey was very useful in helping me understand how I interact with my colleagues and what behavioral attributes are complementary to my profile to achieve excellence. The ECBD lessons provided a framework to understand one’s inherent behavior and instinctive habits, with guidance on how to make incremental adjustments to lead and/or contribute in a successful team environment.

To anyone thinking about attending an IBE program, my advice would be to make sure you arrive early and get a 1st or 2nd row seat and take it all in. I highly recommend the IBE program to other teams and leaders!

Many thanks to Curtis and your wonderful team! You are doing such great work for the Life Science Entrepreneurship community.

The IBE Difference

The IBE brings the specialized know-how and the funding required for translational development success.

The IBE is a lean operating company that uses disciplined processes, leverages existing resources (incubators, CROs), and taps into expert networks to work on many product opportunities in parallel, rather than trying to build one startup at a time.

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