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The certificate program is our international offering for anyone interested in learning to take a project from conception to maturity

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The Institute for Biomedical Entrepreneurship (IBE) develops and delivers a variety of formal and informal educational programs for researchers and other innovators which will:

Provide an understanding of the execution processes involved in developing ideas into commercial successes, the major components of full-cycle development of an idea into a successful enterprise;

 Prepare participants to readily analyze and validate commercial potential of their research, and to intelligently evaluate potential startup opportunities for personal involvement;

 Leave participants capable of beginning the implementation process on ideas that merit development, and;

 Provide participants access to resources for developing their ideas and pursuing validated opportunities into commercial development.


The IBE certificate program can be useful for anyone having an idea and much, little or no pre-existing entrepreneurial experience. The format is designed as a resource for multiple audiences including faculty, researchers, staff, and alumni with an interest in biomedical innovation and commercialization. Participants successfully completing the program requirements will have access to the business development and financing resources of the IBE’s extensive network and project development company.


45 hours of class work and individual sessions with instructors and IBE network advisors, plus project time, and follow-on engagement with the IBE network.


Because one of the core entrepreneurial skills is an ability to define opportunities, problems, and solutions when there is no pre-existing plan or structure, there is a prominent experiential component to this course. Assignments will be organized around a self-selected medical innovation business idea and will culminate in a business presentation to an experienced business and investor panel at the end of the program. The course will draw on lectures, discussions, group project presentations, sample presentations by successful startups, and guest lecturers with distinctive experience and expertise. There will be required and suggested readings. Students will not develop a full business plan, but will address, at a first-pass level, most of the early-stage development elements that appear in a plan. Final written deliverables for students taking the course for credit will be:

 An executive summary (“pitch sheet” format, 1-2 pages) suitable for wide distribution in promoting a startup idea;

 Written business case rationale for starting the company around the opportunity;

 A PowerPoint pitch presentation (15 pages or less) and;

 A due diligence analysis of another project presented in the class.

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