The course itself was a eye opener how to look at your work as an intrapreneur.

Jan-Willem Koning

Senior Clinical Application Trainer, Alcon

Success Story for Jan-Willem

I had the pleasure to be in the IBE course, in Leiden.
Shortly before the course I had a one on one with Curtis about my personal profile, after a survey, and have got some useful advises. The course itself was a eye opener how to look at your work as an intrapreneur. For me as a employee of a big medical device company, that made a lot of sense. The mixture of people, from big companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups, showed me different perspectives, I can and will use in my daily work.
Very useful were the communication parts, where was practically shown how important communication is, here came the personal's differences in to view, how different type of person communicate in different way's.
The mixture of the participants, together with the personal touch of Curtis, his people oriented approach, and the other trainers, made it a practical, useful course. Every day I face some situations that make me think back or at my personal advice, or use the communication advice we had. Many thanks Curtis, and your wonderful team!

The IBE Difference

The IBE brings the specialized know-how and the funding required for translational development success.

The IBE is a lean operating company that uses disciplined processes, leverages existing resources (incubators, CROs), and taps into expert networks to work on many product opportunities in parallel, rather than trying to build one startup at a time.

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