One of the coolest features of the IBE course is that you really do not have to be a solo entrepreneur to benefit from this course.

David Sprague

President, Industrial Genetics

Success Story for David

The Institute for Biomedical Entrepreneurship and Curtis' ability to bring together an impactful team of experienced and business-successful educators has transformed my business life and has added immeasurable value to my work. Those reading this review may think that this is possibly a flippant, casual, or generous comment, but let me assure all those reading that it is not. During my varied biotechnical career which has involved clinical, educational, and entrepreneurial experience I have noticed, generally, that highly-trained scientists think differently than experts in the business world and that this difference leads to missed opportunities. Subject matter aside, there are salient differences in audience engagement and project tractability between someone like myself, an introvert who was trained as a bench scientist with no expectation of teaching in graduate school, and the traditionally-educated business person. Even though I was comfortable and efficient at counseling my infertility patients on the progress of their embryos while I was in the clinical setting, there was something missing. Curtis' method employed at the Institute of Biomedical Entrepreneurship course was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. While I consider myself a, "conditional extrovert," and present well to scientific and student audiences, there were a host of other components missing from my "tractability toolbox" that I can now use in organizing and presenting my ideas for most favorable outcomes in a business setting. One of the coolest features of the IBE course is that you really do not have to be a solo entrepreneur to benefit from this course. Whether you are embedded in a unit within your company or starting your own company, I feel that the skills and insights gained from attending this course will bring value to any operation. Entrepreneurship is not only recognizing a unique opportunity and bringing value but structuring a narrative to make the most progress in the shortest period of time. I hope that Curtis lets me attend this course again!

The IBE Difference

The IBE brings the specialized know-how and the funding required for translational development success.

The IBE is a lean operating company that uses disciplined processes, leverages existing resources (incubators, CROs), and taps into expert networks to work on many product opportunities in parallel, rather than trying to build one startup at a time.

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